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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Love Peacocks!

Their beauty...:

..and their incredible colour!
This lovely peacock was spotted and photographed at the Wicksteed Park today, which is where we all went on a family day out this Bank Holiday Monday. 

We've been out and about so much lately, I've hardly had chance to do much crafting or blogging (Sorry!) The weather has been so unseasonably sunshiny that it just makes you want to go out and enjoy every moment of it.  My husband has been with us for the school holidays too, which was an extra treat for the boys. He is going back to Germany tomorrow though,  he just needs to complete some more days over there before he starts his new job locally (yay!)

Hope you enjoyed your Easter Break.
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Well sorry just isn't good enough. Don't you know your first priority should be US your loyal readership? Tut! Off enjoying the sun indeed. With your FAMILY! Pshaw! :P

Gorgeous photos Nicky, the colours are glorious. Yay to getting hubby back home soon!

K said...

Oooo, bet you & the lads are excited to get hubby home.

Thanks for the support over on my blog hun, really appreciate it xx

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