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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Create, Have Fun & Experiment

Ssshush, don't tell Ruth (Furrypig), but this handmade card is for her.  I sent it in the post today, together with the fabulous book, 'Creative Wildfire,' which was one of  Sian's 'Pass the Book's' generous offerings on her 'From High in the Sky' blog.  Hope that everyone that borrows this book enjoys it as much as I did.

 I was very inspired by the creativity in the book, which was all about art journalling, enough to make this card. 
  The fabulous boldy coloured black & coloured background seen here sadly isn't my own, it is in fact a sticker on my laptop which I bought in the Hobbycraft's sale, back in March.  It's the kind of effect you could recreate easily (?) enough though.

The card itself as you can see is a mixture of collaged pieces, stamps and stencilling through some punchinella ;-) with some blopens, and some handwritten lettering.   

This is the book I'm referring to, and if you would like to get into art journalling, this is one I would definately recommend:
You could try your luck on 'Pass the Book', once its on the move again, or maybe you could get a copy from your local  library?  This is one that I personally have put on my Amazon Wishlist as I simply have to have it! (stamps foot!)

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


susan said...

How unusual, thank you for sharing x

Sian said...

Cool, Nicky! I bet she'll love it and it'll be a lovely momento for her when it's time for her to Pass The Book

furrypig said...

ooh i think Furrypig might have seen it!! She is very excited!!!

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