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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Let's Start Easter Crafting

I don't usually make Easter cards, but I do like to decorate the house 'for the boys.'  It's just another fun excuse to craft really!  (As if we need another excuse....)

This is part of what I was making today:

 Can you tell what it is yet?   It's easter themed......

..Its mini chick's easter nests!:
I had some plastic eggs (bought from Woolworth's a few years ago) so I made these little chicks some nests out of old book pages.  The pages were coloured first by rubbing them over with an ink pad and then I snipped the pages with these fringing scissors (The Works, £3 a few years ago)
You can also use a shredder (this idea was spotted on a blog this morning) or simply cut them with ordinary scissors. They are only small so you don't need much.

At first, I tried colouring the chicks using alcohol inks the colours of the eggs but they looked strange! This little fella looks as though he's been rolling around in several of my ink pots:
(Apologies for the fact that he looks a bit too realistic! He is plastic, honest! )
As they didn't look right, I decided to keep them all yellow:
I think they are going to make a fun decoration for my children's activity table.

Personally, I like the picture of all that type at the top and am planning on framing that!

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for looking and for any comments,


Kandi said...

I adore that little multicoloured chick, he's s rock chick! Looks very punk, a little chick rebel!
Hope you have a lovely weekend, the sun us shining here again, hope it Is there too
Kandi x

furrypig said...

What a fun idea. Your fringe scissors were a bargain as Martha Stewart does a similar thing but it costs more than £3!!! Have a Happy Easter with your funky chicks xxx

Happy Days said...

Hee hee lovin the multi-coloured chick. Have a fab weekend. Claire x

Melanie Marshall said...

I love the little chick that's been rolling in ink!! He'd be going straight on my desk or tote to make me smile :) Woolworths eh, them were the days!! Gorgeous easter creations x

Carmen said...

Another here who adores your inky chick, I do hope you have the little fella somewhere you can see him :D

PepPop said...

Another one that wants to see more of the inky chick! Kandi got it bang on - punky chick LOL Jaqui x

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