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Friday 11 May 2012

2 Cool 4 School?

I made something for my eldest boy tonight which he hasn't seen yet so I'm not sure whether he's going to like and/or use it.  It is this:
A grungy folder for putting his homework in (click picture to enlarge)

I didn't intend to make it quite this grungy and started to stamp things like his name on but then I thought to myself 'he is twelve years old and at High School, he's not going to want his friends to see something his mother has made with his name on!' (lol)   This way I can get away with pretending the whole thing was shop bought (er, maybe!...)

Most of these stamps are from the Tim Holtz stamp set that I got back in February.  I stamped them with Stazon onto a clear popper folder and multi-layered them for that extra grunge factor. 
 Because the stamping was on clear plastic, if I put something on I didn't want (such as his name!), I was able to use the Stazon cleaner to wipe it off.

I made it for him because he keeps putting his homework straight into his backpack and it gets creased.  This folder will have a piece of cardboard in the back to strengthen it.  Hopefully, it will mean no more crumpled homework! 

That is if he likes it, if he doesn't I will be more than happy to make use of it.

Thanks for looking today,

Update: He liked it but wasn't confident enough to use it - 'all his friends have got clear ones'.  Our other son has got it instead!


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Fantastic idea! Glad your other son will use it - teens are so heavily influenced by their peers. Luckily my daughter has just about found the confidence now to break away from the flock and develop her own sense of style. I bet if he'd taken it into school it would've gone down a storm!

Have a fab weekend

Claire xxx

K said...

Bless him, its such a tough age.
As of yet (touch wood)I havent managed to get ds1 anything that wasnt acceptable for school, maybe thats me being down with the kiddies (cough cough, I doubt it!) or the fact that he's a very laid back lad (except on minecraft)

Carmen said...

Ah the having to fit in. Am glad your other son used it. My eldest is at the stage where she wont wear anything if she knows someone else owns it. *sigh* Extremes.

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