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Sunday 6 May 2012

Fun has no age limit!

I loved finding this fun picture of distant relatives amongst the collection of photos I have inherited! Admitedly I didn't find it quite like this (although the wide smiles were all genuine!) I photocopied the original then added the colour, hats and the banner.

It was perfect for another page of my filofax journal:
The handwriting in the middle was on the back of the photo, written by my (late) Mother. (Can't believe I really had an Auntie Fanny! ;) )

It's a really fun picture to find though, not sure if they were celebrating a birthday or whether they were just celebrating the visit from Canada of Aunty Florrie.  This Aunt Florrie (sitting at the front in pink) looks like the only serious one amongst them, maybe she hadn't had as much sherry as the rest!  There is even a laughing 'Toby Jug' on the right hand side joining in with them.  The picture dates from the 1950's or maybe early 1960s.

I made the page because I sometimes get these grumpy/happy mood swings and I wonder as I get older, is this all I've got to look forward to? 

The hats and banner were made from some new washi tape that a brand new shop in town has started to stock (yay, a local supplier of washi tape!)

These will do for starters!....

The 'Masking Sticker Set' is like washi tape in playing card size.  Its already cut into circles and strips, as in stickers.  These were the fun designs, some of which I used on the photo:

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend, those of you in the UK,
we will be off  round the country visiting relatives.

Thanks for looking,


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Love this page and rofl @ your auntie fanny!!Love your washi tape xxx

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