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Tuesday 1 May 2012

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Quick post tonight, with just the one image:

My eldest son is obsessed with all things dolphin and to a lesser degree, whales, at the moment . Every school project has to mention one or has a drawing of one and even the project he chose to do in his needlework lesson was a crafty stuffed dolphin.  (I do seem to remember I had a similar obsession with horses around his age!)   Incidently, this one he made was quite interesting because it had a cool 'Love' tattoo stitched on its side.

So this little project was a mini poster that I created for him using a white paint marker and colouring pens.  It was a bit tricky to draw the dolphin as I was using white ink on white paper but it was fun having it re-appear when the blue colours were added.   The wonky words were created using a 'John Bull' style stamping set which is why they are not as straight as they could have been!  Last minute 'finishing touches' were added using PicMonkey.

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theboelemas@aol.com said...

Fun project - I did a very similar thing candles the other week. I think kids of a certain age do have mini obessions - my son had a thing for lizards and slow worms!! Thankfully he's outgrown that!

Claire xxx

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