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Wednesday 23 May 2012

1,2,3 Smile...and Zap!

On this second day of glorious non-stop sunshine I should have been outside enjoying it, but what was I doing instead?...  Sitting inside exploring Photoshop!  We have a free trial version of Photoshop Elements 10 and I have got to have it when the trial is over, its fab!

In the demo for the trial version they show this clever technique which I simply had to have a go at.  It is removing unwanted people from your photo.

This was the before:
See all those pesky people in the background spoiling our beautiful family shot? (Taken by my mother-in-law a few years ago) 

What I needed to do was Zap 'em:
...And there they are, gone! :)
In my life I have hardly ever used Photoshop but with a combination of instructions (here are some, though these aren't the one I used) found on the internet and the PS Help pages I worked out how to do it.   For this picture I also used the clone tool to recreate the background.  It's not perfect but if I do say so myself, not bad for a first attempt. 

I'm looking forward to zapping lots of other unwanted people from my enormous collection of photos.

Thanks for looking today and for any comments,


K said...

I LOVE the clone tool! it comes in so handy for fixing faults & minor irritations :)

Marg said...

I've not tried this one though I have loved using other photo editing programs but not with the good level of success you have achieved. Thank you for sharing x

Carmen said...

WOW! I can think of so many good uses for this :D Can't believe you got such a good result on your first go - well done. Keep thinking about getting Photoshop of some kind because would love to have a play at digital painting. Hmmm.

Kandi said...

Flippin heck, you are like some kind of modern day witch - zap and they disappear! ;0) Bet you wish it worked in real life too xx

theboelemas@aol.com said...

I love Photoshop - keep hoping that they will run a special promo with one of the specialist computer mags again! One can live in hope I guess!!

Fab result for your first attempt. xxx

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