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Monday 21 March 2011

Craft Supply Inventory

My laptop is back from the repair shop with a brand new hard disc but our home pc is still acting up. Computers are so frustrating when they go wrong aren't they?!

The weather has been so lovely and Spring-like here the last couple of days that our family have not only been walking to the local park, but we even had icecream!  Hope its been as nice where you are.

Local street scene showing the blossom on the trees lining the streets

Craftwise lately I've been making up a folder detailing some of my crafting supplies.  This time it was the turn of all my hundreds of coloured pens. I l-o-v-e pens and can spend hours drooling in stationery shops. The trouble is, I forget which ones I already have and buy duplicates - which is why I made up this folder:

(These pictures replace the earlier picture I used which I decided wasn't appropriate)
* * * * *
My eldest son went to school on Friday (for a 'wear a suit' theme) dressed as President Lincoln:
...for Red Nose Day.  I made the ribbon bow tie using a ribbon from my ribbon stash and my hot glue gun and I have the slightly tinged fingertips to show for it!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Love your DS's outfit - ah the pains we go through for our art :D

I love pens too and think even if you get a duplicate - you'd always use it (or in this house, find it pinched just when you are looking for it!)

Deanna said...

Great idea of keeping an inventory of the pens that you have. I have a pen fetish too, although mine incorporates plain old blue and black pens too. My co-workers know not to leave their pens laying around by me as they somehow mysteriously end up in my purse. lol. I don't do it intentionally, just hate to see a lonely pen laying around. ;)

Primo Gifts said...

i have only just started stamping and am in love with all the diff pens and would love some pro markers - but unfortunatly not within my budget - i hope i can build up my pens so i have to have an inventory!!!!

furrypig said...

loving the Abe Lincoln outfit! Very creative xxx

theboelemas@aol.com said...

Fab outfit - loving those whiskers! x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Glad you liked the outfit, my son said that he had to wear it all day (even during their sex ed. lesson!) and the beard tickled him.

I've also got black and blue pens too, Deanna, maybe I'll start putting those in my inventory too.

You can also make an inventory of your stamp collection like I have, Primo Gifts. Use the search facility on my blog to see the one I made out of a gift bag.


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