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Friday 25 March 2011

Famous Crafters at Hobbycraft 2011

Well, famous to us in the UK that is, they are featured on our 'Create & Craft' channel.  I went to the NEC Hobbycraft Show (for free today, I won tickets on the 'Craft Stamper' magazine blog).

First up we have  Joanna Sheen:
 (who posed nicely for me when I asked if I could take her photo)

Then we have Stephanie Weightman:
 (Who was lovely, so funny, telling us about how messy she is and reckons she is going to be chucked out of the new office she is working in because she makes too much mess! lol.  She was also telling us how 'She can't wait to get up in the morning because she has so many crafty ideas that she can't wait to get started on...')

And finally we have Barbara Gray from Clarity Stamps:
 (unfortunately this isn't very flattering, she was in the middle of demonstrating.  Clarity stamps stall was ever so busy, they have some great stamps and Barbara is a fantastic demonstrator).

No one else seemed to be taking photos of them - and there was me thinking everybody would be wanting to put them on their blogs.

Onto what I bought, which was a few bits and bobs. I had a long shopping list but very little of it was there. :-(
Just this:
..and this:
Here's a close up of the stamps:
I don't normally do Easter cards for people, but I simply couldn't resist these cute chickens from Artemio.

I also had a bit of luck at the show too. At the Craftsuprint stall they had a 'Find Bob' tombola and I won £5, yay!

Good luck for anybody going at the weekend. It was pretty busy today but I hear that is nothing compared to the crowds they get at the weekend!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


cheryl said...

oh wonderful pictures,hun looks like you had a great time,love your stash you got too love cheryl xxxxxxxxx

theboelemas@aol.com said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Looks like you got some fab stash - I love your new stamps. Looking forward to seeing what you make with this little lot.

Claire xx

Kandi said...

Ooh lovely bits there! I have watched those ladies on the create and craft channel. Im rubbish at papercrafts but it intrigues me, I'm off to our local craft show this Friday so might pick some bit up there too.
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks ladies. I was pleased with what I had but ran out of time - I had to catch the 2.15 train back so that I could pick up my children from school. Drat! I could have done with another hour...

Claire, a lady from Banbury had my other free ticket - I let her in with my letter and whoosh! She disappeared as soon as she got in. Wished you could have come. x

Kandi, enjoy your show on Friday!


Carmen said...

Off to Ally Pally next week and must admit I never recognise the 'famous' crafters but get a huge buzz when I spot a blogger I chat to or they spot me (and usually sneak up and frighten the life out of me!)

I have a long list too but am very doubtful, with the way my crafting is going lately, that I'll find the majority of it there. Some essentials will be got though and some paints and a gossip with some friends and a fab day out with Devvie.

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