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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Text Bookmarks

This picture is too dark but it is an indication of how the bookmarks look with letters showing through punched holes.

I made two bookmarks yesterday using a picture from a wallpaper magazine:
I cut the lettered wallpaper background into bookmark sized strips 
..and made random holes using my cropadile (both sizes, large and small).
At first, I used an old book page and laid the holey bookmark on the top, but despite the fact that this book has a small typeface and no spaces for paragraphs, the holes didn't line up with the letters neatly...
 ...so I had to rip up a page into little pieces and stick them over the holes individually. (This picture shows the back)
So those letters you see through the holes aren't from the page you see in the background.
After the letters were completed I covered the backs and laminated both bookmarks:
 ..and finished them off with embroidery thread:

The completed two text bookmarks:

Hope you are all fine and enjoying the Spring sunshine (I have added a picture of the blossom in our local area on yesterday's post)

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Marg said...

I like these, very inventive. Do the letter spell a name or are they completely random? Hope your eyes are now OK x

Nicky Stevenson said...

I could have done them with a name but no, these are just random. Letters I like the look of - if that makes sense! ;-)

As for the eyes, somedays they look normal and other days they still aren't right. I had a swab test last week and am waiting for the results. Hope I'm not allergic to chocolate!

PepPop said...

Great bookmarks. They made me think of spies using secret codes lining the holes up on specific pages of the book to spell out messages - yep I know overactive imagination LOL.
I hope you're not allergic to chocolate - oh now that just wouldn't be funny! Jaqui x

Carmen said...

Oh how fun are these! Love them and love the idea of using them as code crackers :D

Hope they manage to sort out your eyes soon :(

Nicky Stevenson said...

No, Jacqui, it wouldn't be funny! (lol) I have now been given some eye drops based on the result of my swab test so hopefully they will do the trick.

Secret codes and spies eh, why didn't I think of that connection? Doh!


humel said...

Very clever, I shall give this a go, I love letters, words, books... as you know!

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