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Saturday 12 March 2011

Calligraphic Grafitti

Tonight whilst blog hopping, I decided to take some computer paper out of my printer and doodle.

Here is the result:
You might be able to spot 'Alisa Burke' and her new book 'Sew Wild' in there!  I randomly wrote my trail of thought as I was picking out coloured pens from my desk drawer.  I feel I could easily get back into doing calligraphy again, 'cos I loved it!

Earlier on the day I stumbled across a link with step by step instructions to produce this:

It was from another favourite site of mine, Balzer DesignsHere is the link to the video.

When I made mine (above) I was sitting at the computer again, so I just used my pens rather than my paints that were all the way upstairs in my craft room in the attic!  I hadn't got my glasses on either so couldn't work out who the quote was by, so I have left it off for now.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
Have a great weekend,


Carmen said...

I was just reading about Alisa Burke's new book after she tweeted about it yesterday! OMG it looks fab! As does your 'doodling'! WOWZA missus - talk about a wordle cloud with attitude! Love it - is it going in your smash book?

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Carmen. This particular piece isn't going in the Smash book, its fairly big and I could do one straight in the book the right size. Love Alisa Burke's stuff, and her last book was great. I'm sure I'm going to be tempted with this one - even if it is about sewing!

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