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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Easy Christmas Decoration

You may remember the other day I had a secret decoration that I couldn't show you until it had dried?  Well, today's the day!

It's dead simple, and its a 'no shake' snow globe:
You just use a small round glass (this one was £1.29 from Hobbycraft) - and this is the bit that takes ages to dry - you squeeze some cheap acrylic white paint from a bottle like this into the glass:
You should find, as you squeeze, that it will splash all around the sides creating the 'It's snowing' effect.

The paint takes about 3-4 days to dry and just before it sets you sprinkle glitter onto it and then add mini christmas decorations.  For my decorations I added a bit of snowtex, sequins and glitter to a toy wooden tree and cake decoration snowman before placing them onto the paint.

Really easy and no need to shake! ☺

(NOTE: Not suitable around very young children as it is made of glass)

* * * *
For my December Daily today I documented the fact that tonight our family went to my eldest son's school's musical play, 'Little Shop of Horrors'.  The red blood paint was still wet when I took this: 
It's a black comedy about a plant that lives on human blood.  The additional images & description I got from a copy of the cover from the DVD of the film, it has absolutely amazing singing in it.

I also went to our local health centre's community christmas meal at lunchtime today but I haven't got any pictures of that.  When doing a daily, you need to decide which events are most important to you and those are the ones that you will document for that day.

Thanks for looking and for any comments.
Have a great weekend,


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

That's great, looks very cute, but I've got to admit I like the shaking part (I'm such a child). Just saw a how-to for snow globes using jam jars and glycerine and glitter, I'm tempted to try it.

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