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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Decorating for Halloween

With the start of October, my thoughts turn to Halloween and creative decorating.  In the past, and certainly before I had children, I rarely did anything towards Halloween, but now I relish the thought of creatively decorating our old victorian house.

This is how I've made a start:

 Shrunken heads made from apples

This is the kind of project that you need to do now because you need to dry out the apples for a month so they look even more grizzly! 

It isn't my own idea, I found it in this children's craft book:
Creepy Crafts by Tina Vilicich-Solomon

You simply carve out the skull face out of an apple (or 2)
..and put small pieces of spaghetti in its mouth for gruesome teeth.

This is how they looked yesterday:
Even after one day they have started to look uglier (see top picture).
What are they going to look like after 30 days?!


Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Marit said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday! It was kind-of a hectic day, and I only now found the time to react on all the comments people left me on my birthday and about the new magazine. Your blogpost made me giggle! We don't celebrate Halloween over in holland, but I might concider make me some 'apple skulls' - they look 'scary awesome!!!'

Helen said...

Oh my life I just love these skulls .... there is a tree laden with apples that overhangs our garden ..... guess what I am going to do tonight when I get home!!

Carmen said...

Love these! Cannot wait to see what they look like in a months time :D

qwiksave said...

Thanks crafters. Helen, these were made from apples from our garden too. Today is the fourth day and they are getting even more brown and wrinkly already. Watch this space as they will also be getting hair and a body!

Helen said...

Would you mind if the Monkeys did this for their Halloween craft? I will link back to you and your blog and give you full credit .... ? xxxx Its such a fab idea!

qwiksave said...

Hi Helen, Yes, feel free to let the monkeys do this craft. One reservation I have is that the apples haven't just shrivelled up like I was hoping, they have also gone black and mouldy. It does look gruesome but they may not last until Halloween. In the book I used it said to keep them in a warm place and turn them around each day. I've also found myself using fly spray because they have attracted little flies and I'm concerned that they may get maggots. Yuuuccck!

Helen said...

Well ..... the monkeys have made the apple skulls and the post of them doing them will live nearer Halloween ...... with another one on Halloween Day ..... but oh my life they are truly disgusting ..... no flies ..... just slime and now small patches of mould that are threatening to spread rapidly .... they certainly wont last till Halloween at the rate they are going ..... so will have to take the photographs I need this weekend .... been fun though!!

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