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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shrunken Apple Head Halloween Puppets

The apples I left to rot for a month shrunk considerably and during the last week I have made them into character puppets with hair and clothes:

The one on the left with his beady eyes looks more worried than scary so my husband and I made this little animation today:

"Aaaaaah! I can see children in scary Halloween Costumes!"
resize images

"Have they gone yet?"

The apples were on sticks which were decorated with black material for clothes and buttons were stuck on with a glue gun down the front. I also added felt hands.

Matted string was also glued on for hair and beads for the eyes.   They were made into puppets that hide in their paper cups by pushing a hole into a paper cup with the stick.


I was given the idea (thanks Marc) to put a torch in the pot so they are going to look extra scary come night time.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

LOL! That animation is seriously fantastic! So much expression on that little guys face! Love it!

qwiksave said...

Thanks Carmen, who'd have thought an APPLE could have so much personality! lol

Happy Days said...

Absolutely awesome, love them! Pity it's too late for me to make some of these - but Halloween they are a must do!! Thanks for sharing xx

furrypig said...

they are brilliant! So effective I must try and remember to try these for next year xxx

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