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Monday, 17 October 2011

Heebeegeebee Halloween Photos

It's amazing how many horror related things I have accumulated over the years of celebrating halloween.  I decided to hunt all around my house and put everything together in one place and goodness me, what a lot I've got!

After I'd laid them out on the table (quite a lot were toys found in my boy's very messy bedroom!) they looked a little bit scary, but then I waited until it got dark.  I turned off the light, got myself a torch and started shining them on individual pieces and I even almost scared myself! Even more so after I'd added the 'night light' effect to some of the photos using Picnik.

(It is actually only a bottle containing bubble mix! ☺)

Even my eldest boy's anatomy model looked quite sinister when he was given the 'night light' treatment:

Torch light is a very effective and simple way of making even quite ordinary objects look extra spooooky!

This is just a small selection of the collection:
...with the light ON! 

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