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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Scrapbooked School Photo

Those of you that have been with me a while may remember this post where I said I was going to make scrapbooking photo pages of lots of my relatives to put on display around the house.  This idea came back to me last night so I came up with this:
(My boys count as relatives too!)  
I know, I will do other relatives but I do want pictures of my two little scamps in amongst them.

Speaking of scamps, the reason I did the photo like this with the inkblots and the untidy distressed look is because, like in the way most school photos are taken, my boys look as though 'butter wouldn't melt!'  Well we all know the truth don't we! lol.

For the background I used the title page of a block of an old range of Basic Grey paper:
And originally my letters were purple:
 ..so I coloured them with a black Sharpie.
 I typed the titles with an old typewriter but the ink was so faded that I went over the lines with a fine black pen.  Then I used a school range of rubons for the other random lettering.  As this is to be behind glass I couldn't use thick embellishments.  The inkblots came from a stamp.
(The background used here is an old 1960's school desk complete with a hole for an inkwell)
And finally the picture framed:

Enjoy your week, thanks for stopping by and for any comments,


furrypig said...

that is gorgeous of your boys! Love how you have adapted the stash and supplies you already had to co-ordinate everything xxx

humel said...

Oh, I love this! Great idea to 'grunge up' the photo - the whole effect is very schoolboyish :-)

Happy Days said...

Love it! Fab idea and really effective.

Claire x

Carmen said...

I have complete desk envy!

Love the way you did this. I much prefer the photos the teachers take of the girls un-posed and at work than those posed ones.

Oh, and Sian has been trying to contact you - she's wondering how you are getting on with Creative Wildfire. Her blog is: http://fromhighinthesky.blogspot.com/ :)

Kandi said...

It's beautiful, just like the boys!
Kandi x

qwiksave said...

Thank you everyone.

Carmen, I have been in touch with Sian by email. I'll be sad to see the book go, it was fab! (She might need to prise it from my fingers!) MUST do Julie's challenge!...


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