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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

March Calendar Complete!

Indulge me a little won't you?  I have lots of pictures of the journaling calendar I have made as part of the Kathryn Wheel project to show you:

This is the finished item:
But you can't see all the fabulous colour from one little piccy, it needs lots!

Like this early one:
Which shows you what is underneath all those circles, silver foil and tissue paper, stuck on with a pva and water mix.  At this point there was some pink, but that had to go!

Detail (the creases were deliberate, for texture!):
This is a detail of the dates circles.  Created using old book pages punched out and covered in gesso.  The outside circle was a stamp coloured with pens.  The numbers were peel-offs in different sizes for interest:
And this is the Month circle detail:
Depending on the light, the calendar can look quite different:
But I love the luminous quality it gets.
And there you have it.  The finished item that I gave the taster for the other day:
Don't forget to check out other people's fab calendar creations for this year long challenge here There are so many different styles of interpretation.

* * * * *
Other news and my eyes still aren't right so I've been to the hospital to see the Eye Specialist today.  The good news is that the eyes themselves are fine.  It is just some sort of skin irritation/allergy around the eyes that is the problem.  I've just got to keep up with swallowing all the millions of pills and applying the creams I've been given.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Oh thank goodness that at least it isn't your actual eyes. hopefully soon the tablets will start having some effect!

As for the calendar - WOW! Thank you for all the different angle shots - I bet it really looks fantastic up close.

Sheila MJ said...

What a fab calendar page - really different with the circles and all those colours etc going on underneath. Thanks for showing us.

Steph said...

Really lovely pages, lovely colours with shimmer x

Juls said...

fab!!! Loving the fun and funky look to your march pages! Hugs Juls

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, love all the photos of your calendar pages. The colour and texture in the background are fabulous! Well done for keeping up with the challenge so far. Looking forward to seeing your April pages already! Kate

Kimberly Gruber said...

Wow! So much work, absolutely gorgeous! I love all the mix of colors!

Holly said...

I love your March page! The back ground is especially fabulous, I appreciated the close up photo of it :)

Anneke (An) Wijers said...

It's a beautiful background!
Very nice calendar pages!

maggie warke said...

Lovely background on your March page I like the idea of circles for journalling in .

Maggie Warke

Sam said...

Really love this page, so glad you showed the detail shots as they dont show up in the first photo! Love the texture and the sparkle and the date tags look great x

Anonymous said...

I like very much your way of presentation. I am so much interested to join your network. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep blogging.

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