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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sealife Bathroom Plaque

I am having no end of computer problems at the moment. My laptop has given up the ghost completely and needs to go to the repair shop and this computer that I am using at the moment is playing up something rotten.  Not only is it refusing to play any of my recorded videos but now it's even refusing to accept my camera cable! 

To show you what I did last night, I had to use the scanner:
This (above) is the 'artistically altered' (Picnik) version of this:
Originally this was a dull copper coloured plaque (bought from a junk shop ages ago), and last night I decided to give it some colour. First I tried using alcohol inks but to my surprise they wiped away!  So I got out the acrylic paints instead. The fishes, sea horse and the rings & seaweed are all in 3d relief. They were originally beaten out of the metal with some texture tools.  I rubbed gold relief paint on them and then a dry brush of  black paint was used to bring out the details.
Apologies for the quality of the images, the scanner doesn't like 3d elements!
I'm in two minds whether to colour the fishes and seahorses more, as in not keeping them all gold.  I shall live with it for a while and then decide what to do...

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


PepPop said...

Oh don't you just hate it when technology plays up! Hope you get it all sorted soon. Love your plaque - love the fish - very cool! Jaqui x (I tried to email you a while back - did you get it?)

qwiksave said...

Hi Jaqui, I'm hoping my husband will be able to fix this computer when he comes back this weekend. I hate not being able to use my camera for my blog pictures!

Thanks for the email,I did get it. Sorry I haven't replied, it was on my 'to do' list.

Glad you liked my fish plaque, still can't decide whether to change the fishes colour yet... x

Carmen said...

Oooh - I like this. I'd leave them as is - there would be a danger they would maybe fade into the background with more colour where they really jump out at you in gold? Really lovely.

qwiksave said...

Good point, Carmen. I personally like the Picnik altered picture better than the thing itself. Maybe I'll get that printed up and framed?

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