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Monday, 7 March 2011

Fun Pages!

Following on from yesterday's post about my version of the 'Smash' Book, I decided to root through my drawers (ooer!) of images to find some interesting bits & pieces that I could stick into the pages of my book.  With an emphasis on 'Fun', I found quite a few cartoons, together with some of my old drawings which I simply had to have to make my first double page spread:
Do you like the cartoons?:
(by the artists who have signed these).

These two 'Smash' pages are very 'me' - you might not know this, but when I was little, all I wanted to be when 'I grew up' (not happened yet!) was a cartoonist! Not just an artist, I was going to be a cartoonist!  I spent many a happy hour creating my own characters and stories.   Which is why even today I still have quite a large collection of old comics, comic annuals and not to mention, every single book of 'Calvin & Hobbs' cartoons that Bill Watterson ever wrote.

I did forget one thing when I made these pages though.  You may remember in yesterday's post I said my version of the 'Smash' book was also going to be MESSY!  Just look how neat those pictures have been stuck in!:
(OOps! But I can still do messy when I want ;-P )
* * *
For the pages I've done so far I have used this glue...
with its non-permanent option so I can move things around. Believe me, this is very useful! ;-)

 Thanks for looking and for any comments,


PepPop said...

I'd love to see some of your cartoons - what about a blog cartoon strip?? Jaqui x

qwiksave said...

Thats an interesting idea Jaqui...

My cartoons on the journal pages are top left (the girl with 'great' written underneath and the baby that is hidden with my creativeflourishes blogspot thingy (just in case I decide to do something with them later)

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