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Tuesday 6 December 2016

Making your own Card & Tag Embellishments

..using stickers and charity shop finds.

Stickers as they come in their packets can look fun but when individually put on other items they can look 'lost'.  The remedy for this is to give them their very own individual background.  You can do any theme - here I just added random colours to these background squares:

...and added monster stickers to make 'inchies',  This example (above) was my take on a 'Mixed Media Morsels' follow along on YouTube from Cat Hands.    (Morsel No. 6)

This way you can make the stickers bigger and into other shapes - in this case, square.  Just add glue when you need to stick them down elsewhere - or use a temporary glue if you want to move them around.

You can also make sticker embellishments for christmas cards and tags which is what I have done here.

For the background on these embellishments I found some textured wallpaper for £1 a roll in a charity shop.  I had two types, one with textured squares and the other was a general spotted texture, both looked like snow, which was the look I was going for.

It's very simple to make these sticker backgrounds. I just cut out some of the wallpaper, found some blue paint (in this case, Twinkling H20's for shimmer) and a selection of stickers.  (These are old ones from Paperchase).  For this effect it's best to use puffy stickers.

I painted some sky in rough squares on the textured wallpaper, but be mindful of the paint pooling!

Then, when the paint was dry, I added the stickers.

Cut them out and you can then add some shading underneath your character with a grey pen to ground it. It looks more professional!

And voila!  These will make great tags, especially for children, and they could help in the making of them too.  These embellishments could have other uses too such as adding them to christmas dinner place labels....

Hope you enjoyed this simple craft and it has inspired you to have a go.

Thanks for stopping by today, see you again very soon,

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