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Wednesday 7 December 2016

#kuretakefestivalfun Instagram Competition

As I mentioned in my post the other day, I have recently restarted using Instagram (#creativeflourishes - appropriately enough ;)  )

I started again when I came across an old abandoned waterworks building that was a photographer's dream.  I don't know if I'm doing it right but I get the impression that you can't put lots of pictures in one go on Instagram (maybe you know different? I'm learning!...)
If you like looking at decaying old buildings and want to see the rest in that series, see the link in my right sidebar to my flickr account, swirlyclicks.

But the reason I am on Instagram more now - daily in fact - is that I am taking part in the Kuretake Festival Fun Lettering Instagram (UK) competition. We are given a word, a Christmassy word, to write each day in a creative way. The winner of the competition - ONE winner - will get to win a collection of Zig Kuretake products, which will include Wink of Stella glitter pens, I think....  (But of course it's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part!....) 

I've been doing this, faithfully every day since the start of December and am trying to vary the style of writing I use, and the products.  They would also like you to use Kuretake products if you have them - and I do, as I have SUCH a massive collection of all sorts of pens, pencils, the lot...  I really could open my own shop! 

These three are my favourites of the ones that I've done so far:
The word 'Candle' was my first one  Written with a Zig calligraphic pen and coloured in with crayons:
Day 2's theme was 'Rudolph'.  From the time that I read the theme and had got upstairs into my craft room to carry out the task, I had forgotten how to spell! 
(Someone on Instagram did kindly point out that the spelling suited the lettering style!)  This was written in red, and had a shadow effect added with a black pen.  I then embossed the red part with an embossing pen and used clear glossy embossing powder on top.
Finally for this post, was this one:
'Stocking'.  I drew the stocking onto the red card background, wrote my letters in black and filled in and around the letters with a brush using Zig white opaque ink.  This type of ink is not meant for large areas, its more of a small correction solution but I love how really white and opaque it is, covering the red completely.

(Disclosure: Despite how it looks, I'm not being asked to promote Zig/Kuretake products, I'm just telling you how I'm using them to do this project).

Hope you enjoyed looking at these and maybe would like to take a look yourself.  Look up #kuretakefestivefun on Instagram to see other people's take on the subject.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, see you again soon,
Creative Flourishes


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