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Monday 5 December 2016

A Creative Flourishes Return Post

Hello Again!

I am back!  It's at Christmas time when I get the urge to be more crafty and when I've done something worth showing I do like the idea of sharing it with others.  As I used to...on here....before...  many moons ago...!

In fact I've missed this space as a 'showcase' for various different projects that I've been doing and plan to gradually start showing some of them - along with any new stuff, of course.

I've not ventured into Blogland and other people's blogs for ages.  To my mind it was never the same when Google changed their blog viewer - I've even forgotten what it was called, it was so long ago.   I remember moving onto Feedly, but it has never been the same.  I shall try to perservere though.

In order to find out what people are doing in the art world, I've got myself more into YouTube (just watching!), Pinterest (my obsession shows with my 2.2K followers and 8.2K pins! - Pinterest name Nicky{Creative Flourishes} and specialist Facebook groups.  Just lately, I've started using Instagram again (#creativeflourishes) as I'm currently doing a Christmas lettering challenge (which I shall tell you about soon).

As far as life goes, I've changed jobs from working in a Pharmacy to working in a stationery shop (part time).  As I am obsessed with all things stationery, this was a good move, I think... (although maybe not so much now, the shop has been bought out and we are waiting to hear what's happening next....!)

This has been enough rambling for one post, I will be back soon with my first 'Official Back to Blogging Craft Post' and I have a plan to do many more.  

Hope you will be here to join me,
Creative Flourishes


Its All Fiddle Fart said...

Welcome back too Nicki, guess you just can't keep a good blogger down. It does become a way of life. It makes you get up in the morning and think about creating something or just jot ideas down for a later date. It has been my saviour in keeping my brain working. Working in a stationary shop must be heaven. I would have to have my hands tied when ever I was near a fine liner pen. Looking forawrd to "popping in" to see you, I always loved your charity shop finds, hope you add them too. Helen

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