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Saturday 18 August 2012

Travel Journal - Beach Days

 I'm slowly but surely getting to the end of my Ireland Holiday Travel Journal.  I've only got a few days left now.  These three pages show the time that we spent on the beach during the Ardmore Pattern Festival.

There was a Children's Beach art competition going on. We didn't join in with this (but wished we had, we would have been good!) but enjoyed watching the other competitors.  In the afternoon we listened to a (free!) talk and demonstration on seashore life, by a University lecturer.  

(My pages ended up being a little neater than previous ones.  For the additional pictures of shells and starfish I copied my seashore shell collection on a scanner).

  My sons enjoyed playing in the sand for hours and dug themselves a massive hole that loads of kids came along to play in.  The other photos show that at the end of the day you can't beat a bit of net fishing in rock pools.

As part of the festival also, they had a cartoonist drawing caracatures.  I waited in the queue for one whole hour but it was worth it for such a good, free portrait!  

Thanks for looking and for any non-spam comments!


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Fab pages - looks like fun was had by all! Your caricature is brilliant well worth the wait! x

Carmen said...

Loving this page too. My sis and I used to love 'digging for treasure' on the beach and used to end up with massive holes, my Mum would say "don't come crying to me if you end up buried alive"...er... OK Mum! :D

Love your charicature.

I wonder if you've been visited by the same spammer as me and who I've seen on various blogs this week ;)

K said...

WOW, if it wasnt for the date stamp I would never have guessed you'd made it, so different to you usual style.

I feel left out now, obviously my blogs not good enough to spam, lol.

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