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Tuesday 21 August 2012

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I got a nice surprise yesterday.  My youngest had asked to do some painting so I duly filled up a pot type of paint palette with lots and lots of colours for him to have a good session.  He painted three pictures and had enough.  There was loads of paint left!  I was just wondering about what to do with it (I don't normally paint with children's tempera paint that come in squeezy bottles) and even thought of chucking the wasted paint....when I had another thought.  I could get my filofax journal and a paint brush and make some more background journaling pages.

I had such fun!  That 'controlled messy' style really is me!  Splattering and sploshing and I've always loved the 'dry brush' effect.  

I can just add quotes or journaling around or on top of the background (like the top page - that was a book title). So glad that I didn't just chuck it now....

Another activity I did with my boys yesterday was some wax rubbings..:
...of drain and utility covers in our local area.

It's not a really dirty activity because the paper goes on top of the covers.  Some have some great patterns and lettering. 
..and it once again got them off the computers, yay!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

I really thought that first picture was a book cover you were reviewing! It's fab!

My lot love wax rubbing too - that's something else you've given me an idea to do with them!

I keep thinking about getting some of those bottled paints, they are severely depleting my acrylics and I cannot afford to buy more at the moment!

theboelemas@aol.com said...

I'm with Carmen on this - I thought it was a new book you'd received!

I use milk bottle caps glued to card for my kids when they're painting as I find conventional palettes hold too much paint and like you I hate waste!

I love the pre-mixed kids paints (Tesco do a really good white that is almost translucent when you apply it and the best part is it's ridiculously cheap).

I have done wax rubbing in years, might have to get those crayons out!

Claire x

Titulo De La Entrada said...

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