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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Not like other girls....

Quick post tonight with a couple of things to show you.   

Looking through other blogs as I do for 'research' (and interest of course), I come across a lot of journals, greetings cards and canvas artworks with images of girls that don't have features drawn on their faces.  As an (amateur) cartoonist, I get this overwhelming urge to add a face to them.   (No offence meant to anyone by the way!)    Which is where I  got the idea for this journal page, a quick drawing on top of a previously made background, in my altered filofax journal.  I did consider adding other things in the background but didn't feel it necessary, the image and message say it all.    [Note to self, use that journal more, it is great for spontaneous thoughts...]

* * * * *

Getting my boys off the computer can be quite a challenge for me during the holidays ('Sims 3 is their latest interest) but today I managed to coax them off with a few fun science activities:

We made some homemade goo (cornflour, water and food dye) - verrrrry messy!  Blew bubbles inside other bubbles, made some chocolate marshmallow treats with mini Smarties and made ourselves a working Balloon rocket.  We also made a cardboard toy flinging catapult and some hanging cardboard monkeys (both not shown).   

So I can do it (get them off the computer)...  Must get myself some more activities prepared for tomorrow (and the next day and the next....)

Hope you are enjoying the holidays.
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Brilliant page and love the sentiment!!!

Glad you got your boys off of the computer - I took Zak up the field and we had fun with a Mentos/Coke rocket (not sure who enjoyed more though ;D). x

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