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Saturday 16 April 2011

Grumble, Grumble, Aaaaah!

I'm not really a very grumbly person but in day to day life I do come across things that nark me a bit.  So, following on from my notebook post a few days ago (here), I decided to make myself  a 'Grumble' notebook

...using magazine cuttings for the cover.  

This is the inside cover:
Good, eh?

Even the notebook I used to make this 'grumble' book gave me reason to complain:

See this front cover?:
I opened it up:
...and found that all the pages had been put in the wrong way up!

Which meant that I had to cover the back cover instead!

Just one of life's little irritations (products designed or made badly) that I want to make note of in this little book of mine. I'm hoping by putting them in here I'm doing a form of getting them off my chest. Well, that's the theory anyway.  

I did decide after making this that it put me in a negative frame of mind and all day I kept finding things I could put in it.  Think I'd better start making my 'Happy' notebook pretty sharpish! 

Have a great weekend. 
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

hehehe! A SMASH book full of stuff you'd like to smash eh?

furrypig said...

I like the idea of your grumble notebook but actualy think for me it wold be counter productive as I would find loads to put in it!!! I think I am better of trying to think of a positive thig each day or to try and fill a happy book. Your images are excellent xxx

cheryl said...

oh this looks,great hun love the inside,he he,great idea too hun,great cover too hugs cheryl xxx

Marg said...

OMG! I'd have it full in a flash - I think I'm the original 'grumpy old woman'. I think the books are a brilliant idea but for my sanity's sake think I'll start with a 'Happy' one. xx

furrypig said...

Hiya Nicky thanks a huge bunch for taking time out to reply to my question about B&W pics. DD is a fan of Picnik so will have to get her to explain it to me (or just try myself may be easier!) xxx

PepPop said...

I think I'd need one the size of an encyclopedia LOL. It's a great idea but only if you do get it off your chest. Jaqui x

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