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Thursday 14 April 2011

Easter Egg Decorating

This is the first year I have tried decorating polystyrene eggs and I must admit I'm quite getting into it.  I've made another two over the last couple of days.

We have this one:
 ...Which was created by colouring the hexagonal pattern that was naturally on the polystyrene using watercolour pens.   Creating this was a bit frustrating, because the colours sunk into the background and almost disappeared.  There were bright oranges, sky blues and lime greens on there, but you can't really see them.  For each of the colours I had to go over them several times.

And then you have the one that's in the front of the top picture which was created with layers of tissue paper and glue.  The overlapping created a cool layered effect.
I'm getting quite a colourful collection going...
* * * *  *

Finally, this picture is for one of my good blogging friends, 'Kandi', who has asked us to write the answers to a few questions to see our handwriting (see her post here for details):  
I used a 'yoropen' which as you can see is an unusual shaped pen.  I love how it writes, as I always write neater when I am writing with it (Available online and from WHSmiths).

Do join in and link up in the comments so we can see how you write too!
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Marg said...

Love the pretty effect painting each hexagon, what patience you have! Just asked my DH who works with polystyrene (EPS) & he recommends painting first with household emulsion paint so that your water colours wont sink in and please don't use oil based paints as they will 'eat into' the EPS. Sorry if you already know this. x

Kandi said...

Love the eggs mrs I usually die mine with onion skins, not very inventive!
Your handwriting is beautiful really neat I just knew it would be!
Hugs Kandi x

cheryl said...

oh these are amazing hun adore the,colurs on all of these,they look ,yummy hugs cheryl xxxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Loving the eggs, you're so creative because they look fab. Mine would be an utter mess!

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous, love the colours.
I never seen a pen like that before but you have lovely handwriting x

theboelemas@aol.com said...

Fab eggs. Your handwriting is so neat, mine looks like a druken spider with a couple of broken legs has crawled across the page! :) x

Caroline said...

your eggs are lovely! And you have such neat Handwriting. x

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