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Tuesday 19 April 2011

Come on get happy

Following on from my previous notebook posts, here and here, I've made my 'Happy Notebook'
 ..to counteract my 'Grumble Book':
 Again using magazine cuttings stuck on to the cover.
Nice, happy images that bring a smile to my face when I pick up the book:
I also covered them in Matt Medium to protect them.  

This time I'm planning to put in pictures of my favourite foods, places, colour, clothes, craft equipment, people.... Putting things in here should get me in a much better mood than when I am using my 'Grumble' book!  (pictured on the right of the second pic)
* * * * *

I have also made a few more eggs for my collection:
The two in the middle had material stuck on them with Tacky Glue (as suggested by Alisa Burke on her blog today) and I painted the bottom left one.  Just a few more eggs left to do before Easter....

* * * * *
Finally today, we are a little restricted for going out this School Holiday because number two son has come back from visiting his grandparents with...
Chicken Pox!

Luckily he's not suffering too much with it, and is still content to run around as much as ever.  I just hope that nobody else in our family gets it! 

Thanks for stopping by and for any comments,


Kandi said...

I love those eggs, I love the one made with strips best! Poor little mite, glad it's not troubling him though ~ I remember the calamine lotion days! He looks so very like you.
Kandi x

PepPop said...

Love the Happy book. Oh poor little soul - I hope the rest of you escape spot free. Jaqui x

furrypig said...

so glad that there is a happy book now! Hope the chicken pox doesn't cause too many problems xxx

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