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Monday 24 January 2011

Early Valentine Craftiness

I've been having some initial thoughts about Valentine's Day coming up soon, so have been 'playing around' with ideas.

One of my favourite crafty motifs is the flourish (you'd never guess looking at my blog would you? lol)  and I'm pleased to say it is still very much in vogue in the craft world at the moment.  So, what better idea could I come up with than to combine the heart with some flourishes, because that is exactly what I did:

It was just a sketchy idea - I stamped the large heart and the flourishes in black. I then drew and coloured in the little hearts around it freehand with a red pen.  I was going to leave it like that but then started to sketch over the flourishes with the red pen and before I knew it I'd sketched all over it with the red.   It has given it a loose calligraphic effect which I quite like.  I'm not sure whether I'll use it as part of my card this year or maybe I could frame it as a decoration?  Perhaps it needs some words...?

Another idea I was playing with was this:
It looks like a squashed boiled sweet, but it is in fact an embellishment made out of glue from a glue gun that has been stamped with a wooden stamp and then coloured with red alcohol ink.   It was a new technique I had read about and thought I'd try.  After heating up the glue I just put the message stamp into it and left it to set for about 10 minutes.  To colour it you just add the alcohol ink straight from the bottle (on a craft mat).  Think it mght make a nice Valentine's card envelope seal.

Finally, not Valentine's related, I altered a box file:
Ryman's, a UK stationers has a great range of stationery at the moment with this multicoloured type on it but they don't do a box file in the range so I photocopied the image from this other plastic file that I bought and stuck the photocopy (after laminating) onto my existing box file.

This was the file they had in the range (they also do note books, address books, go take a look):
It's good, but just a little too flimsy for the rough treatment I give my everyday files!

I'm just a little bit excited this week, because I've treated myself to a couple of craft items that were in the sales and they should be coming in the post any day now - the new Cuttlebug and a Suze Weinberg Melting Pot!  Wahay!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Kandi said...

Those makes are beautiful! I love the squashed sweetie effect lots.
Kandi x

Carmen said...

Oooh gorgeous. Love the swirly heart and the gooey stamp.

I just got the new cuutlebug too! Yay.

Come check out my blog today missus. *nudge, nudge, wink*

Carmen said...

Cuttlebug - doh! Forgive me, I is poorly.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Kandi, Carmen. Got the new Cuttlebug yesterday, it is fab! :-) Melt Pot came today too, can't wait for a play.

Thanks Carmen re the book swap. I can't access your email from my computer so could you please contact me via my email link so I can give you my details. Thanks! Hope you see this.

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