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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Picnic Time!

The weather has been so gorgeous here lately - not! It's been absolutely pouring it down nearly every day and our local river has been on flood alert squillions of times in the last few weeks...  So, what shall we do today?  Maybe go for a picnic?.... 
Except, this picnic is not as it seems.  Well, it is more obvious when you use a super duper macro lens to photograph it, but in normal light, indoors (preferably at night) and squint at it through your fingers from a distance, it looks just like the real thing.  But I am sure you will have spotted, from this outdoor picture taken with said fabby lens that it is in fact a miniature.

The two pence piece is the real thing!  

I made this way back in November but what with me slacking in my duties at blogging you didn't get to see it then. 

I have to say I love miniatures, there's something inherently fascinating about seeing a version of something you know in an incy wincy size.  Which is why I squealed with delight when I found an american girl's craft book in a charity shop that tells you how.  Sorry, but I can't put my hand on the book right now to tell you its title, because it's lost in the back of beyond due to lapsed housekeeping.  Ahem...

Here is another picture to show it's size and this is, of course, a real apple, not a giant one! (that would be a bit scary!):  
And, from what I can remember, the plate was made from a button, the sandwiches are cut sponges with paper cheese and ham (yum!), the chips (which look most unrealistic in these pictures) were made from cocktail sticks and the apple is a bead.  The glass is a plastic top from a lipgloss and the milk is a white glue and water mixture.  

When I find the book I think I'll make some other miniatures, they are such fun to make and also very good conversation pieces too.  'How did you make that?' etc.

Thank you for stopping by today,  see you again soon for some more arty craftiness,
Nicky {Creative Flourishes}


Carmen said...

I love it! I love it! I love it! Especially next to that apple :D

Carmen said...

p.s If I ever, EVER get round to making the dolls house I keep imagining I shall have to revisit this post ;)

Claire Boelema said...

Love, love, love this project. So clever. I have a complete obsession with all things miniature so this has made my day. X

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow - that really plays tricks with my brain. Especially the apple photograph. Very cool.

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