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Friday, 7 February 2014

Personalised Calendar

Last November I was delighted to find in a charity shop a calendar that you can personalise for just 99 pence.  I thought it would make a great extra christmas present for my mother-in-law, my boys' nanny, if I put lots of pictures of her grandchildren throughout the years in it.  Unfortunately it turned out it was only the bare bones of the calendar so didn't include all the coloured papers and embelishments that would have been in the kit if it was complete, so no wonder it only cost 99 pence!  Never mind, I would do my own thing using what I have in my stash and that is what I did.  

I must admit I did craft it at the very last minute before christmas (these things take longer than you think) and even though it was acceptable enough, I didn't like it.  So, after asking her permission, I asked to have it back so that I could improve it.  She agreed to this and as she has now taken a holiday to the Phillipines this month (in glorious sunshine!) it is the perfect time to finish it off.

This is January's page, I didn't alter this much, just drew lines around the photos and tweaked the snowflake embelishments.

February's page I changed quite a lot:
The original photos had printed with a purple tint so they had to be replaced and then I simply added lots of heart and valentine themed collage elements.  Some parts of the layout were on the page before, like the 'I love you' hearts down the side.

March's page I also changed and really went to town with the scribble clouds and washi tape.  The weather is just like this now!
For April, I added lots more easter eggs and washi tape and some stamps of chickens, which I coloured.
The 'Happy Easter Day' title was already printed on the page.
I haven't redone May's page yet but I changed June's as you can see here:
...and After:
I got quite carried away with my circle stamps and then added some more orange with a neocolor II crayon & waterbrush.  

If this calendar was for me I wouldn't be able to resist grunging it up because that is my style, but my mother-in-law has very conventional, conservative taste, so I must resist the urge!

With the weather here being the way it is (see March's page), it looks like I'll be stopping in and getting on with it until it's finished. I do hope my mother-in-law still likes it!

Thanks for looking today, back soon for more calendar artiness,
Nicky {Creative Flourishes}


Claire Boelema said...

Wow that is fab. I can't believe the bargains that you manage to find either. Love the use of washy tape too. X

Carmen said...

I can imagine you sitting on your hands to resist that grunge urge :D

What a great present - love how personal it is. Have to agree with Claire - you are just like my MIL, she finds the most amazing bargains in charity shops!

Clare said...

I love personalised calendars like this one! I've been trying to find a photo calendar that can be personalised for a while but I don't seem to have any luck. I may go with an online photo calendar instead :)

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