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Friday, 14 February 2014

Last Minute Valentine Decoration Idea

Happy Valentine's Day for those of you that celebrate it.  My husband and I still do, in a way, but after 27 years of being together we don't get quite so into it as we did when we first met. 

I do like to make the odd valentine decoration though and this year I have made some simple little 'love' word decorations for around the house out of letters that I happened to have.

These are just a few:
Made from pieces from a word game called 'konexi'. 

This decoration was put by my husband's beside clock:
.made from an old Scrabble set

..and finally this one made from cookie cutters, put in the kitchen:
I also put some others around in the bathroom and in the lounge but I'm not sure that our 14 year and 11 year old boys are really going to appreciate them...

Nicky {Creative Flourishes}


Carmen said...

Awww. You big softy you :) Such a lovely idea - love the thought of him waking up to the scrabble word :)

Claire Boelema said...

What a great idea! x

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