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Friday, 21 February 2014

Crafty Birthday Gifts including Brusho

It was my birthday on Wednesday and rather than my husband get me things I didn't want, I steered him in the direction of my Amazon wishlist.  I like the idea of this because by using a simple browser add-on I can add items to my list  from all over the web, not just Amazon.  Most of  the gazillion items I have on my list are craft items and art technique books which is quite a minefield when you don't know the difference between a hot glue and an ATG gun. 

This was one of the great items I had seen on my internet travels and really fancied the look of:

Colourcraft Brusho paints and DVD

Thanks go to my husband for the paints and my sister, who bought the DVD from off my wishlist.  It's a great DVD, presented by Joanne Boon Thomas showing lots of great techniques you can do with Brusho.  You can see a preview of one of them on youtube here.  
Another item I had seen on a Donna Downey video was a 'Fresh Water Rinse Well.' This isn't one of life's essentials, but when your craft room is up in the attic and the route to your water supply is down some rickety stairs, it sure makes life easier!  Besides, what are birthdays for, if you can't have the odd frivolous luxury item?  What it does is clear away your old painting water and replace it with clean:
 Brilliant!.. and the gurgling sound you get with the fresh water is an additional bonus. 
I spent my birthday afternoon playing with these new 'toys' and I was absolutely in my element. The first thing I did was to make myself a colour swatch page of the 24 Brusho colours:
Brusho paints are highly pigmented powder paints that you add water to, like watercolours.  You only use a teeny tiny bit at a time so they will last for yonks.  I love vivid colours so was pleased to see they dry almost as bright as they are when they are wet. 

This, however, was the effect I saw that attracted me to them in the first place:
To do this you wet your page and then sprinkle on tiny specks of the paint.  The colours 'explode' onto the page and then blend into each other as you add more.  I'm thinking that they'll make great backgrounds for journal pages.

I also tried normal blending, using the colours like normal watercolour paints (my sons got me a paint pallette and brushes) and also did some flicking of the colours to make spots:
..which again will be useful for all kinds of backgrounds, cards, journal pages, etc.

All in all, I'm really pleased with these gifts and am itching to explore them more when I next get to do some more crafting.

Thanks for stopping by today and
have a great weekend,
Nicky {Creative Flourishes}


Claire Boelema said...

Happy belated Birthday, hope you had a fab day!

Love your gifts. You made me LOL with the paint swatch - I am sooo guilty of doing that!!

I'm wondering what would happen if you sprinkled a little powder on acetate, lightly spritzed with water and laid selected items on top of it (say sequin waste) and attempted to pull some prints from it?...

qwiksave said...

Thanks Claire for the birthday wishes. That's a good idea for me to try. In the instructions for Brusho it says for printmaking you need to thicken the paints with a product called Brusho Thickener... which I just happen to have treated myself to. The Brusho needs to thicken for 24 hours though so not a quick craft, but I'll give it a go.

Carmen said...

Do you know what?I had never heard of Brusho before and now you are the second person i follow to be talking about it (Check out http://judithfarnworthart.blogspot.co.uk/ she does some lovely things with it - look on her sidebar and she has Brusho in her tags) I LOVE the vibrancy of them in that picture of yours! Whoa!

Must admit though that I am thoroughly lazy when it comes to colour swatches - something I should do.

Love that water changer too - how clever :P

I do totally the same thing with Amazon and my Dad, sister and a couple of friends use mine and I beg people to set one up - I'd much rather get people what they want... plus I love stalking other peoples lists and adding what's on theirs to mine ;)

Happy belated birthday x x

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