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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Little Word for 2014

As you probably know, lots of creative types all over the net have once again chosen a word for the year that will mean something to them that they can use for inspiration & motivation.  My word this year is:

(and yes, I did make all those individual letters out of Hama beads!)

I actually started with a list of about 20 words to consider, including declutter and organise, but decided that as I am forever starting things and not completing them, FINISH would be the best one for me.  When I made my FINISH hama bead sign, I decided to lay the letters out in this arrangement as they look like they are on a FINISHing line in a car race.   

At the moment I have several projects on the go that need FINISHing and one such project that is very active for me at the moment is the Nathalie Kalbach Creative Jump Start 2014 course. This is an online course that runs through January that has lots of inspiring ideas and techniques from brilliant teacher/bloggers like Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Dina Wakley.  We get to try out the technique and then run with it in whichever direction we like.  That is where the creative side of it comes in, choosing how we will make the project our own....

Which brings me on to what I did with the rest of the gelli prints that I had left over from making my gelli print flower decoration that I showed you yesterday.  I mentioned that I didn't have any delli paper (this is a thin paper, a bit like tracing paper) used to wrap food stuff in. Well, after searching unsuccessfully all over the net for a supplier in the UK I eventually found some that looks remarkably like it.....

..in my local 99p store!   Yay!

I used my homemade gelli plate with paint to make a few pages of textures on my 'delli paper' and then used them to create these....

....luminaires (jam jars with battery operated candles inside).

I tore up the paper and stuck it randomly on to the glass with mod podge.   This was how they looked in the daytime:
(picture has added crackle grunge)

And this is how they looked at night with the lights off:
I never could resist a grungy project! 

Thanks for looking today and I will have another one for you here tomorrow.
Nicky {Creative Flourishes}


Carmen said...

I think I will definitely take that class next year - am loving what you are coming up with!

Am in awe that you did that FINISH word in Hama beads. i have no patience with hama beads they usually end up everywhere :D

I'm determined to FINISH all the classes I have yet to complete this year ;)

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