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Monday, 20 January 2014

Creative Jump Start 2014 - Gelli Printing

Oops, once you get out of the habit of blogging it makes it difficult to slip back into it, so this is me 'slipping back into it' with quite a lot to show you over the next few days, weeks....

I have been doing creative activities but not showing you them, what a meanie! So here I am with the first of what will be many posts showing you what I have been doing on this year's Creative Jump Start 2014.  My long term followers may remember I took part in this online course last year when it was free.  I enjoyed it so much that I thought it was worth paying for, which is what I have done this year.  It didn't cost much and really gives my post-Christmas artistic mojo a good workout.

The first project I have to show you is this:

I just happened to have made myself a homemade gelli plate (using some instructions found on youtube) in December so was rather pleased that I was able to utilise it again to do the very first project of CJS14.  
The acrylic paints that I used were a bit old and heavy bodied so gave very thick textured prints which is a look I happen to love!
When making the gelli prints we were encouraged to use ordinary household objects to get textures so as well as using (amongst other things) plastic forks, bottle tops and pieces of string, I also raided my children's toy box and grabbed some of their lego. The paint washed off easily enough so 'no lego was harmed in the making of this art!'

 Here it is taken in yesterday's rare sunshine.  It was suggested that we use Deli paper but I hadn't got any of that so these petal prints you see here were made on computer printer paper and old book pages.

The frame work for my prints was a magnetic flower frame that I've had for years (look at the muck on that!) and never known what to do with:
Size wise it is about 10" across with each petal being about 4"
I simply cut out my petal shapes from different gelli prints and stuck them onto the metal flower frame with an all purpose glue.

You can see the texture better if I do a comparison shot between black and white and colour:

I did wreck my homemade gelli plate in the making of this creation...
(as in, after four sessions it cracked badly) so either I have to make myself another one...
or, which might not be such a bad idea, get my hands out of my pockets and purchase a 'real' one!

Thank you for stopping by today and looking at my latest creativity.
Stop by again tomorrow where I will be showing you my next CJS14 project.



K said...

Gorgeous playing Nicki. I cant get over the price of gelli plates! They are fun though (had a go with my friends & her humongous pile of masks), shall be watching with interest to see what else you use on your homemade one :)

Carmen said...

It's easy for me to say BUY ONE, BUY ONE, BUY ONE because I was lucky enough to get mine as a gift. BUT I will say that my friend had the same size one as me and used it so much she got the mahoosive one too. It will be used LOTS should you get it. I always think that's a good way to justify the pennies if it's going to be used :)

I love your flower. LOVE! Glorious texture.

I so know what you mean about not blogging for ages. You just need to dive back in - am so glad you have! Can't wait to see what you've been doing!

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Love what you've done gelli prints!

Melva said...

Love your Gelli flower......

butterfliecrafter said...

Great colorful flower. I bought myself a gelli plate last year after a go with a homemade one (but cracked immediately) It was not cheap (I also had to pay a lot of duty taxes :-() but it is my best buy ever.

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