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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Creative Jump Start Summit 2013

Hello and a Very Happy New Year to all my readers, old and new.  Welcome to my first post of 2013 where I have just started the first day of the Creative Jump Start Summit 2013.

For our first task we were given a technique to try using double sided tape and embossing powder. I just knew I'd find a use for my set of neon coloured embossing powders one day!  

This was how mine started out.  I laid 3 strips of thin double sided tape onto my craft mat and pulled some of it off to reveal the sticky side.  I then applied neon green embossing powder to it.  Then I cleaned up after myself, that pesky powder gets everywhere!  After putting what I could back into the pot I used one of  those clean up wipes called 'Dust Buddys', they are absolutely brilliant at getting up all those little bits of  glitter and embossing powder that stick to everything.  

Then it was time to get mucky again with the orange embossing powder:
(Pulling up the remaining sticky cover and adding orange to the sticky tape)

I wasn't actually going to use these colours but couldn't find my other pots! (New Year's resolution to clean up my craft room!) 

Then, after another clean up, I heat embossed my strips and made them into a frame in my journal:
(I also did the same technique on the 3d squares, bottom right)  

I've decided this year that a lot of my art will involve lettering, including hand lettering, so to start this off I added this writing into my frame.

A fun bit of creativity to start 2013, I wonder what project will be on the cards for tomorrow?....

Thanks for looking today and for any comments,


Gemma said...

wow this looks great Nicky, I've just been to sign up for the emails myself! x

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