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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Heidi Swapp's Stenciling Technique

Today's Creative Jump Start challenge set by Heidi Swapp didn't go as planned at all!  It didn't help that it involved using sprays again!

I even tried the technique that Heidi suggested which was to press the spray trigger all the way down on the spray bottle.  Again, (like yesterday),  I created pools of spray on my work and spray all over my hands, my workbench, my craft equipment....  

I also didn't quite get the technique of masking 'in the correct order.'  This time I blame watching the video in the morning and doing the technique at the end of the day.  The ol' grey matter can't seem to cope with remembering something for that long, lol.

To get round 'doing it wrong', I paper punched some stamped elements and stuck them onto 3d pads.

(Some of these stamps were from a free set of stamps from Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine this month).

All in all its acceptable, and doing these challenges with equipment I have but don't use is very valuable, even if its not quite what the creator (in this case Heidi Swapp) had in mind....

Thanks for looking and I will be back tomorrow with the next Creative Jump Start challenge. 



Gemma said...

Nicky I love this, it looks fab! I havent had chance to do any of the techniques yet but as I'm up bright and early hoping to get caught up today!! For the problem you're having with your spritzers, have you tried: cleaning out the nozzle with very hot water, and/or sticking a needle in the hole as it might be slightly clogged up and thats why you're getting pools? sorry if you have just noticed you mentioned it a few times now and didnt want you to be struggling without need!! :) x

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