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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sharon Laakkonen's Tags

Today's project for Creative Jump Start 2013 set by Sharon Laakkonen vaguely resembles the technique we were set...  I modified my version because I wanted to play with a new raindrop stencil that I received in the post this morning!

The first tag (left) was me having a go at making my own glass gel.  It didn't work too well because I couldn't see how many of the teeny glass beads that I added to my Golden gloss gel medium actually stuck into the gel.  When it dried I found out ..... it was only about four!  Strange really, because I added loads....ah, well.  I was also hoping the blue ink that I swiped on the top would stick to the rain drops but it resisted it instead!  The bit that was successful was the cutting around the raindrops at the bottom to make the tag an interesting shape.  I did that on the tag on the right too.

The other tag was made using various types of washi tape.  I decided to make mine on the topical  theme of watching my figure.  Thats why its got the graphs and numbers, like a tape measure. 
(I added the pretend graph lines with a pen after taking this photo)

Four days in and still enthusiastic, only about 27 days more to go!.... (Aaagh!)

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