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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Lights

Tonight was the switch on of the christmas lights in our town.  You may remember my shots from last year  (has it really been a year already?! Where does the time go?)

Like last year, I also took photos of christmas themed shop window displays:

Attending this event and seeing all this Christmassy stuff really gets me thinking about Christmas more.  Are you inspired about Christmas yet?

(For more creative inspiration, you may like to visit my Christmas board on Pinterest)

Thanks for looking today,


Claire Boelema said...

I've been doing Christmas since May and I'm starting to think there will be no end to it :(

Fab photos - I love the reindeer bauble, might have to make one of those for my tree! I've decided that I'm going to have one of my trees purely for handmade decorations! Might even organise a decoration swap for next year ;)

Carmen said...

I need to take a leaf out of Claire's book as have booger all done or made this year and it has made me very grumpy!

Lovely photos. :) Let's harass Claire to set up that swap ;)

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