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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Phew! 2nd Christmas Fair Over!

...I can relax again now!  (Well, as much as you can when Christmas is just around the corner...)  Actually, I won't be relaxing from making things because I love it too much!

Today I'm showing you some of the items that I made for the fair (yesterday) and haven't yet shown you.

Like these luminaires:
  They were plastic cups with patterns and calligraphic lettering written on the outside and scrapbooking paper taped to the inside.  The light was created with a battery operated tealight. 

This is what they look like in daylight:
Ideally I could have done with turning out the lights at the Craft Fair, but I couldn't realistically do that! 

Another product I made (which was a variation of one found on Pinterest) were these 'Polar Express' packs of a bell and golden train ticket:
The homemade ticket was made by  punching the 'BELIEVE' letters using a bradawl and the additional lettering was made by hand.

This santa bauble tree decoration was also a Pinterest find:
(Apologies for photo quality, it was taken under low light)
This was simply made by sticking a black piece of elastic around a glittered bauble.  The buckle was created using sticky gems.
And last but by no means least,  I made some of these hand lettered heart decorations:
Which sold well, both as tree decorations and as tags for presents.

The fair wasn't quite as successful as I was hoping, but unsuccessful sales are going to look great around my own house and tree!

Thanks for looking today,


Gemma said...

wow what gorgeous creations Nicky, I wish I'd been to your fair!! :) x

qwiksave said...

Thanks, Gemma. I did enjoy making the items so not all was lost. Have a good Christmas! x

Carmen said...

Oh I love those train tickets! Just gorgeous. I am so jealous of your creative energy at the moment, mine is in hibernation. As always, loads of ideas fizzing around... no get up and go to do anything.

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