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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bead Christmas Decorations

As well as the painted stone activity I did with my boys last weekend (following on from this post yesterday), we also made lots and lots of plastic bead christmas decorations. 

 (Pic 1 of 4)

We used two types of beads, Hama beads and Pyssla, which are Ikea's own brand.   They seemed to be compatible with each other.

The designs themselves were a mixture of ones that we found on the web and others that were our own design.  Some were modified versions of ones that we found on the web. 

The boys (aged 10 and 12) really seemed to enjoy this activity and the younger one, as well as making models, quite happily sorted all the beads into their individual colours, to make the selecting task easier.

Ryan, the 12 year old, made all these snowflakes himself:
  (the top, 2nd one was his first 'practice' go)

....and also this Father Christmas:
Which was completely his own design!

After ironing all these, I decided that next time we do this activity, we might like to consider getting ourselves some of the non-iron, water spray sort!

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Anonymous said...

How cool that your kids are involved in decorating your home! Lovely :)

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