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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bargains and Christmas Card

I haven't had a shopping post for ages, and I know how much you we all love shopping! :-)   I have got some great charity shop bargains to show you and one I got today was a MEGABARGAIN!

But first of all, I'll have a quick show of what I did tonight, I made Christmas (yes, I know its JUNE!) Card Number 4:
I decided that I won't be making cards with  layers because the Post Office charge you more  (What a silly rule).  Anyway, this was a simple embossed card that used Seafoam White embossing powder which looks very much like snow.  I used a Versamark pen on the snowflakes and on the writing.

Onto the bargains and this was one of my finds:
Another of those magnetic clipboardy things with bird magnets...  £2
Massive box of 3d letter stickers (all letters are there caps & small) £3
These weren't charity shop, but all on sale at Craft-ed. These are the type of cartoons I would do if I was going to bring out a range... reckon they will look good in my kid's scrapbooks.

...and this was my megabargain:
A LOVELY tin with all these paints, pallete and brushes, £8
The tin itself is gorgeous:
(and those borders are punched out of the tin!)

Ooh I do love getting a good bargain!

Back to normal tomorow as my children are back from their grandparents. I'd almost got used to my own company...

See you tomorow,


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