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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Moby Dick Journal Page

This is another filofax art journal page that looks almost like a book cover (see comments, previous post) and it was done in a similar way to the previous one.  Whilst I was 'mopping up' my son's left over paint, I decided to cover the back of one of my journal pages with some left over Black.  I then randomly added some Green and Brown, somehow expecting it to magically look all interesting (!)  Yawn!  'Interesting' was not the word I would choose to describe it.  It was at this point that I almost scrapped it, but then....

...I got a recently acquired stencil with circles on it and added some thick gesso.  I loved the textural surface that was created but the bright white of the gesso just wasn't working.  So, when it dried...
....I painted over the gessoed areas with Faber Castell PITT Big brushes in Brown and Green and now to me it looked great.  The green also had a lovely sheen on it, which I didn't expect.  

Then, whilst on my usual blog hop, I noticed that Christy Tomlinson had made a new canvas on which she had written the title, 'Delight in the Unexpected'.  This was perfect for my 'unexpected delight!'   So that is what I wrote on mine, with a white correction pen.   It really is a delight, when you get a pleasing result from an artistic experiment, especially when you have practically given up on it.  

* * * * *

I also made another page in my Ireland Holiday Journal today:
I hadn't got any photos of this particular day so I used brochures that were picked up from the Tourist Information and modified them.  I added the rain with a pen and stamped and coloured images of the umbrellas and a whale for 'Moby Dick'.  It was quite fun, sitting in that pub, imagining all those years ago (1950's)  that Gregory Peck may have been sat in that very same spot.  

Thanks for looking today and for any comments,


Happy Days said...

Wow - love the background, amazing what a bit of good old Gesso can do to pull something together! Seriously impressive piece of work.

Claire x

Carmen said...

It's gorgeous - the texture is just amazing. Loving these 'book covers' :D

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