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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Creative Summer Holiday Book Activity

Summer Holiday Children's Book Activity

When I bought this book for Christmas last year for me my boys, I never imagined it would take us this long to realise its creative potential.  The (bad) weather we have had may have had something to do with it, but no matter, today was the day for fun!

Called 'The Book with a Hole', each double page spread opens out to reveal a handdrawn idea with a hole in the centre for you to fill in how you choose (from a prompt). 

We completed most pages, but these were my faves from the day:
 A toy rocket skyscraper

(On this page I added the cheeky penguin!)

 A toy dinosaur tail
A pretend camera effect.
Yes, I know he needs a haircut.  Why is the fashion for boys to have it so long?

Loving the graphic element of these, great contrast.

And finally, this one:
Again, great contrast. Lots of different patterns to contrast with the bold circles.

(Note: We added backing paper to the hole each time)

I noticed in Waterstones that this author has recently got lots of children's activity books out.  I'm sure if you go on a hunt you could get them for a reasonable price online.   We had lots of fun making these and next time we complete the book we are sure to come up with a completely different set of pictures (I'm quite tempted to do that myself!...).  

Hope you are enjoying your holidays.
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


K said...

Fab idea for a book, looks lots of fun & very creative.

Happy Days said...

Fab book. Your son's hair is positively short compared to my boys hair! It could be worse....DD is running around with green hair! :/ x

Carmen said...

Ahaha! And Craig is so looking forward to having a boy so that he can have a child with short hair at last :D

Great idea for a book, looks loads of fun x

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