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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Three generations of Hands

This is an additional post today.  I have been thinking that all I have shown you recently are the creations I have been making for my online courses and some of you might not be all that interested in it (?!)  It does take a lot of commitment doing a course that you have to create something every day for and once you start....

Anyway, what I have got which is different today is this picture I took 9 years ago when on a family holiday at Center Parcs, Nottingham.

The reason for showing this picture is that I am taking part in the Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery again this week and it is on the subject of Hands. 

When I saw the subject matter, I remembered this and thought how appropriate it was.  It is lovely to see all the various different sizes of hands and Grandad's were SO much bigger than little Josh - who was one at the time and is now 10.  Ryan was 3 and is now aged 12.  

It is a shame that the background isn't better (I might be able to alter it using Photoshop?) but it came from this book:
 (which was meant for kids but who's telling?!)

The pages were a bit thin which is why you can see the picture that was on the previous page.

Seeing this picture again after all this time (its been hidden on a bookshelf) also reminds me of what a great time we had at Center Parcs, I loved that place and wouldn't hesitate to go again.  It was so  green and clean, like a little Utopia in England, of what it could be like (sigh!...)

I love these photo challenges of Tara's and must remember to take part more often, they are fun!

Thanks for looking today and for any comments,


Natalie said...

I love things like this- I have my handprint next to Isaacs and my OH's footprint next to Isaacs up on the wall in his nursery- the comparisons are great!

bluebirdsunshine said...

Wow, what a treasure to have, and a lovely idea.

Carmen said...

I love this, the difference between Grandad and your youngest was huge wasn't it? What a memory :)

Happy Days said...

That's lovely. I was having a clear out of a drawer the other week and found a clay print of DS hand that was done at nursery - made me quite teary! I'd have been in pieces if I'd found something like this.

So tempted to get my Grandad, Dad etc.. to do some inky hand prints seeing this! x

mymummylife said...

What a great idea! I must try that with our family; we could do four generations, from 16 months up to 97!

Sinead said...

Ahhh this is brilliant! A lovely 'hand' picture! x

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