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Monday, 23 January 2012

A Tip for Artists

I am back from my mini blog break and will show you what I've been up to in my absence very soon.   I need to do a few 'finishing touches' before 'whatever-it-is' is in a blog showable state.  You'll see what I mean sometime during this coming week.

But just to prove to you that I really am here I have got a tip for all you artists out there.

Yesterday I popped to our local Lidl store and picked up this charcoal sketching set (for just £5.99!):
And while it looks nice presented like this, when you come to use it the storage works out to be nothing short of useless.  You can't access the pieces of charcoal easily, they break into pieces when you try to get them out of the plastic and once you put them into the box loose they create mess everywhere! 

So my tip is, take out the charcoal and put rice in the box...:
 ..and lay the charcoal pieces on top.  It stops them all rattling about, getting broken and contaminating each other.  Clever huh?

I will need to label the box 'This Way Up' and keep it flat in storage but it is a very simple but very useful tip for the sketchers amongst us.

Thanks for looking, see you very shortly,


Happy Days said...

Thanks for reminding that it's arts and crafts Monday over at Lidl (grabs coat and makes for the door!!). Their products are normally excellent quality - that's where the modelling paste came from.

I'll definitely pass your tip onto my friend who I'm sure will have bought this set.

Claire xxx

Carmen said...

I can almost see the lightbulb flash on above your head from here! What a great tip :D We don't have a Lidl but I wonder if Aldis does the same...

qwiksave said...

You don't need to use this set to use this tip, any charcoal and chalk you have it will work with. Put the rice into a plastic box instead. ☺

Christmas Crackers said...

Great tip! Cant believe i never thought of this sooner, charcoal breaks up so easily and makes a mess out of anything!

thanks again! :)

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