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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I've Been Painting!

No, this isn't it! When I paint I can't resist taking pictures of the paints on the palette or, in this case, during the clear up stage on the laminated plastic that I was using for a palette.  Sometimes these photos end up looking better than what I am painting, lol.

The painting I was doing today was the first exercise in a free online course that I'm doing run by Strathmore (link here).  It's an exercise in layers so even though my painting looks kind of finished, it still has more work to be done to it.

It started out as misted stencilled items:
The objects on the left were what were suggested on the course but I hadn't got any tapestry cloth so rummaged around in our cellar to find some alternatives. 

Next came some paint doodling:
 I'm tied with the courses I do, in some ways I want to use exactly what the tutor is using but on the other hand I think I should be more creative and do it my own way.  And this is what I did next - the tutor, Traci Bautista, used feathers for the next part which I didn't have, so I painted on some swirls instead. 

The idea of this stage was to add acrylic paint on top of our stencils and around. 

And the next stage was to add some oil pastel doodling:
Which is where it is at now....awaiting the next layer.  Not quite sure what form that will take on mine yet....

To see how its 'meant' to look, see the promotional video for the course on youtube here. 

Thanks for stopping by today and for any comments,


Carmen said...

I think you are doing the right thing - you don't want an exact replica and the swirls are SO you :D

Happy Days said...

I'm sure that your creativity would be encouraged. After all what would you learn by simply copying? I'm sure she only means the course to be a guide.

Love what you've done. x

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