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Friday, 15 October 2010

Spider Make-Over

I really wasn't very keen on the way I did this mini-scrapbook cover yesterday so I have changed it to this: 
I found a great idea today on the Art Institute Glitter (?) blog about glittering up your plastic spiders:
You soak it up (to clean it) in rubbing alcohol before covering it in glue and then glitter.  I've covered mine in 'Glamour Dust' and he looks ready for the ball!

Overall, I'm much happier with the cover than I was yesterday:
Unfortunately I had some more printer problems again today- it suddenly decided to refuse to accept its usual cable connection - which meant I couldn't print off any more halloween costume pictures for this album.  I have managed to fix it now, with just a few choice words to jog its memory (lol), so should be able to crack on again with the inside pages.

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Have a great weekend,
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Happy Days said...

That looks fab, I've just got a load of plastic creatures to do a similar thing with and if mine look half as good as yours I'll be pleased. x

PepPop said...

I like the spider better now that he's dressed up for halloween :) Great work. Jaqui x

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