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Saturday, 30 October 2010

My Abstraction Period

I've moved into my 'Abstraction Period' as 'artists' would say, lol. Hope you don't mind looking at background effects, texture and wild abandoned colour, because that is what I've been doing today!

The effect above is part of my trying out a new background effect, as found in my new 'wonder book' by Claudine Hellmuth (see yesterday's post).

I was trying out an effect called 'Big Crackle' which is to get big crackles on paint just using glue and acrylic paint.

My crackles weren't as big as the ones Claudine has in her book, but she used the american Elmer Glue, while I used PVA.
Wish I could show you them!... :-(
I put a thick layer of PVA on top of a cheap dictionary (Poundshop) and then dropped some acrylic paint on to it. I then gently mixed in the paint with the glue and used the heat gun to get the crackles.
(Sorry, I am having SO many problems with Blogger lately, I was going to add other photos of this, but it just won't let me! Grrr! ......)
* * * * *
I did manage to put this other work in progress photo on before it refused to let me put any others on:
This is my altered book. I have gone over those pages I did the other day with watersoluble crayon to break up the white, I also added random crayoned lines on top of the painted colours. (Page on left, before, Page on right, after)

Thanks for looking and sorry that this is not a complete post,

See you tomorrow,



Carmen said...

The pages you HAVE shown are just gorgeous. Wow. You should come play over on the free journalling course I just started I'm starting it two weeks late but on the video I'm watching she said she will probably keep the videos open indefinitely. Am enjoying it already.

As for your backgrounds - am loving them, keep them coming :)

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