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Friday 13 December 2013

Christmas Craft Fairs

In my rather long blog absence, I have made and sold various christmassy crafty items at two christmas craft fairs.  The venues were great for me because they were really local to where I live.  The first one (in a church) was literally just over the road (I walked over with my boxes) and the other (a school) was only a teeny bit further... in the next street.  Such convenience!

I thought you might like to see some of the items I had on offer and to let you know which of my items were my best sellers.

These were very good sellers, both last year and this:
Snowmen covered Cadbury's chocolate bars.
The snowmen were made simply by wrapping computer paper around a chocolate bar and sticking it together using discreetly placed double sided tape.  For last year's model I used the clever method of cutting the tips of fleecy gloves for the snowmen's hats but this year I couldn't find any suitable gloves so drew the hats on with a marker pen.  On my previous snowmen I also used fabric for their scarves but I found that it frayed so this year I substituted it with good old washi tape! Love washi tape, I use it for so many crafts these days.  The faces and buttons were drawn details using black and red pens. 

This next item was also a modified version of something that didn't sell previously:
Hama Christmas decoration greetings cards

(from an idea seen on Pinterest)

Last year my boys and I made loads of christmas decorations out of Hama beads and hung them on a christmas tree to sell at the school christmas fair and not one sold! I dug them out this year, stuck them down onto a heavyweight card with a dymo generated greeting and sold all but one. 

Next we have something I made with my youngest son:
Multicoloured wax crayons

These miniature works of modern art that still function as crayons, were created by melting down other unused old crayons.  I sold a few at the first sale but none at the second.

I also took along a few of my christmas themed word blocks:
...which look great on mantlepieces but they didn't sell  at all well this year.  The few people that looked at them seemed to think they were rubber stamps.

I sold quite a few of these tags at the school fair:
(with twine added, not shown)
...but they took ages to make because I individually had to die cut all the tags before decorating them.

Finally, another type of tag:
Each one a work of individual art in itself!

I was very disappointed not to sell any of these!  I put them on a christmas tree like decorations, maybe people didn't realise they were for sale as tags too...?

That's what you find when you do craft fairs, you live and learn.  At the end of each one you need to ask yourself, 'What worked and what didn't?' 'Any thoughts on why?' 'What can I do to hopefully improve next time?'...

You know what sold the most out of all the things I was selling?  Keyrings that had pictures of Justin Bieber and One Direction on them! Pah!....

Thank you for popping by today. I will be back soon (honest!)
Nicky {Creative Flourishes}


DYMO Support said...

That's lovely! We love those Christmas cards with the figures and the Dymo tape. They are so cute! ^CP

Carmen said...

Ooh, I'm just seeing this! I love the hama bead cards! So cute and quite a retro feel!

I don't know how you do it every year - it looks so much work but I do love it all :-)

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